My work is born from my fascination and love for beauty, nature, creativity and everyday life. I love to capture the essence of my subjects with a sense of lightness, simplicity and beauty. My goal is to create images that are timeless but also relevant - whether that be for an editorial release or a commercial campaign.


- In 2013 I decided to go all in with nothing but a vision of how I can create my world and thats by getting into the modelling industry to connect with more creatives who I can learn or observe from.

My first step was to learn how to use a canon 400D with natural light from my window, a tripod and a canon remote control. Next I had to learn how to create and shoot self portraits for my model portfolio and social media accounts.


Being able to produce self portraits as an aspiring model and photographer has opened many doors of opportunities for me. I landed my first editorial magazine shoot with a front cover and 14 page spread. This was my first time shooting as a model and boosted my confidence. I took this opportunity to learn from the photographers on set, I would watch everything they do from the lighting, directing and anything else I could learn.


I learned an important lesson this year--to build connections with people. The path to success is built on the people in your life, who help guide and shape you into becoming a better version of yourself.

I was fortunate enough to meet a creative director who worked within the arts industry. She owned a photography studio and model agency. She asked if I'd like to work together on a shoot for her models at the arts room London. My first experience within a photography studio as a photographer was great!


2016 was a year that I am so glad to have experienced. Firstly, I had the opportunity to work with Fashion Outlaws and build upon their models portfolio, as well as my own at The Artsroom LDN. I met some great models, creative directors and photographers on this journey and built my portfolio in order to grow a more diverse range of skills


TheArtsRoom London is a beautiful studio and the staff are amazing, I learned so much being at this studio and it helped me realise that even though you already have a job as an in house photographer it doesn't mean you have clients. You still have to market yourself through social media, gaining work from recommendations and trying to film behind the scenes to showcase your process.



During my time as an inhouse at TheArtsRoomLDN, I came across so many creatives, one being a talented videographer. She was creating a photography and film studio based in North London. She had the filming sector down in terms of anyone needing a videographer, however she didn't have a photographer. I was chosen to be the in house photographer due to my relentless ambition, work ethic and skills. Its important to keep in contact with creatives that you vibe with aswell as inspired by. This opportunity was given to me due to this persistence, drive and passion.


I had a client who booked me at a home studio and to my surprise. The owner was a beauty photographer who i developed a relationship on social media. After my first shoot we discussed about collaborating with each other as we both respected each others work and since then we have continued to work and show love to each others craft.

In House Photographer

The owner of the lounge studio finally got her on studio space where I became an in house photographer creating portfolios and continuing to collaborate with her for beauty shoots.

It was a great experience to work in studio setting especially with a professional photographer. I learned so much; photography is not always about photo quality and capturing the moment. It's also about working with people and understanding their wants, needs and emotions.


I was starting to play with gel lights more, so I decided to create a Photography collaboration named COLOUR SERIES where I connect models, make up artist, creatives and brands to create images that combine their different talents. The lounge studio had a wide range of colour backdrops like the rainbow, this as the perfect space for my seriies which was influential to my personal work because it showed me how to use colour in different ways.

2018 - 2019 RGZGSTUDIO

What is life without a few setbacks?
During my time at Cloud Green Studio, I was able to become a co partner with Jevetta Boyce. After a year of working along side Jevetta Boyce. She had other ambitions away from being a studio mananger and videographer to spend more time being a new mother to her beautiful son. Which left me with the decision to step up and take over the studio space and create my own buisness within the space. I made the choice to create RGZGstudio in the same studio space and this was beginning of my rise in photography.


After years of being told to build up my credits by submitting my work for publication and magazines. This is one of biggest opportunities for my work to be recognised on a larger scale. So I got on it and ended up having a 14 page spread in MOEVIR Magazine and made it onto the front cover of the magazine. I no have 7 magazine Features and another front cover.


As my brand has become more well-known, many photographers wanted to learn from me. So I decided to teach photographers the ins and outs of studio lights, equipment, post processing, business management and client communication. This was a 3 hour session which I thought was important for me to create.


I learned a lot about photography and editing, as well as countless shoots that I gained experience from, especially from the training days and colour series that I hosted. That's why I decided to do something different and create a shoot day.

I'm looking forward to working with as many models, brands and photographers as possible on this shoot day. There will be an emphasis on building their portfolio and I will be providing plenty of direction and advice. This is a great opportunity for those who want to network with other creatives, update their portfolio, work with other models and build their confidence.


2019 was literally my best year in photography as I built my name by being one of the most active photographer in London. One of the things that made it great was that I linked up with so many creatives aswell as providing my space for Mixtape Madness and a few new companies. My focus was to provide space for established and new brands.

2020 - TRAVEL and SHOOT

During my time as a photographer I alays made sure to stay connected ith other photographers in different fields. Travel photography has alays been an interest of mine, lucky enough i got invited to partner up for a travel and shoot day ith the collective we would both get a model to shoot abroad in greece to build the models portfolio aswell as exploring the cities we enter.


2020 march was the start of the pandemic and all the restrictions. I was forced to close down my studio due to the rent raise and the lack of support during the covid era. I closed down the studio to focus on my mental health and family. 

2021 a friend invited me to come visit a shop in soho. A creative space where designers create from scratch and sell in store. during my visit I chose to do a shoot for all the designers within the space. I realised that the space in the back of the shop wasn’t being utilised as much and I suggested that I could create a studio environment in the shop.


As i built up my reputation at the neverfade london factory. I was invited to create a pop up studio within the soho house - white city which is a membership only place

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I have a big love for dancers, as I feel like dance is one of the best ays to express yourself. I teamed up ith a dance company to help set up their performance in-store as ell as a big photoshoot to update the portfolios for all the dancers involved.

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My Collection is called Monochrome Universe. The term Monochrome refers to a particular color scheme, usually in black and white. We all have a monochromatic side that can sometimes be overlooked. So this collection focuses on the art of expressions performed by my melanin models showcasing their rich dark skin in hope of altering perceptions towards the beauty of theIr complexion.