So let’s start by stating that to become a model it takes more than just a pretty face. Success in modelling is a process, a step-by-step path to success that requires determination, hard work and continuous dedication.

If modelling is for you, we will provide the free advice & direction that you require to accelerate your path to successfully pursue a career in modelling. We will, therefore, work with you to assist you in the following areas:

Becoming a model, will inevitably have its ups and downs but successful models do not allow themselves to become disheartened. With NEWENERGY18, you will learn how to tailor your approach with our advice, build a professional portfolio that stands out and you will also have our support through out social media. Our experience tells us that the key for any aspiring model is to be realistic and in addition to look at what type of modelling you would be best suited for.







#NEWENERGY18 Is our database of models and if you are interested and would like to take part, first

Choose one of your best images on your instagram and add #NEWENERGY18 in the caption of your post, to be added to our database, If we like the image we will post you on our page or story and we will be watching your progression - 💃

First we will have an assessment day to give you the right information, answer your questions & to determine the best way to enter the industry successfully. Next we will have a test shoot to assess your suitability for modelling in front of the camera, testing your angles & your ability to pose with & without direction

Once we have finished with our assessment day we can begin the portfolio building process which is the proven key requirement to enhance your chances of success. More information will be provided to those that pass our assesment day

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