My work is born from my fascination and love for beauty, nature, creativity and everyday life. I love to capture the essence of my subjects with a sense of lightness, simplicity and beauty. My goal is to create images that are timeless but also relevant - whether that be for an editorial release or a commercial campaign.

Time to Rebuild
Fashion Performance & Exhibition

October 15th 2022

I am the photographer for a New collection "Time to Rebuild"

Time to Rebuild is a Fashion Collection that was designed during the pandemic and inspired by Miro's Constellations and will be showcased at a Fashion/Exhibition event by Eleni Kyriacou where she will be launching the collection, inspired by her activism regarding the Bartlett School of Architecture, performed by dancers from The Rambert School of Dance.

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NFT exhibition at the Mecenate Fine Art gallery
- Italy, Rome

October 7th-9th 2022

I am excited to announce that my NFT "Pandemic Fashion" will be among several other designers in a major NFT exhibition at the MFA Mecenate Fine Art gallery in Rome, Italy. At this time and place, we look forward to sharing my artistry with an international audience.

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